Artist’s Biography & Statement

Painting Worlds to Explore.

A feeling of exploration is what attracted me to the abstract non-objective style of art. The mesmerizing shapes, textures and beautiful colors built a world I could get lost in. In May, 2008 I decided to venture in my own world of exploration.

I don’t try to depict reality, I rely on color, contrast and texture to convey my feelings and make things visible. I create exploration in my paintings through color, light and dark areas, graphite line work, lifts and intermixed color glazes. I love to collage re-purposed papers from old music sheets, letters, old books as well as my own that I hand paint.  I’m constantly building up and tearing surfaces down to build interesting textural effects. I spend a lot of time observing, looking for the major areas of the painting to develop, always keeping the movement of the viewers eye and composition paramount. I use a variety of mixed materials to create a surface that I am passionate about. I incorporate geometrical shapes, lines, scratches, brush marks and movements. I get inspiration from the painting itself. I only know the next step, then I react to that, then study the painting to find my next step until completed.

I sign my paintings on the back, never on the front. This allows the owner to orient my piece of art anyway they want to as often as they want.  I do show my preferred orientation on back. I also include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Join me in worlds to explore. If you are looking to fill that wall space, I can solve that problem for you. If you would like to have a unique personalized painting, I am available for commissioned work. Pick your favorite colors, composition format and size. Contact me for the details and I’ll get started right away. If there are any questions about anything don’t hesitate to call or email me. Thank you for taking your time exploring my worlds of paintings.


Brian Sommers

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