Artist’s statements are suppose to be the artist describing his/her process. I’ve been wanting to learn to write more and you can only do that by…..wait for it….writing!

I find a lot of artist’s statements a real joke and so many don’t even make sense. I decided to have a little fun with this and put together a fictional artist statement. Just a reminder that it is a good thing to lighten up and enjoy the ‘funny’ in life.

I wake up to find myself surrounded by the complexities of life juxtaposed into whimsical forms of energy. It is this energy that I convey when paint meets canvas resulting in a conceptually layered work of fine art. My methodology is consistent as I paint from the inside out. This is my world, my rabbit hole, everything I do is intentional. My paintings resonate and the textures harmonize which brings a rich sense of mystery. My brush strokes convey a peaceful physicality of movement and space under a worked surface of sophistication. This ever evolving mystery becomes my engagement with oneness and the energy in nature which is essential for my process. I don’t follow ‘the rules’ as I accept myself despite the differences that I find myself in conflict with. The painting begins its own self-revelation as it unfolds on canvas creating an intense self-seeking realization within myself as I paint in harmony with the energy from my surroundings. Vertical and horizontal marks effect my compositions and are an expression of the path of my life’s journey reflecting itself back toward the viewer with energy surrounded with peace and love. Through this process I’m able to push through the areas in my life where I have painful hidden frustrations and to emerge the victor with tranquility and all the harmony that life and nature can energize.

What Lies Between

30″ x 30″ x 1.4″
mixed media on canvas
$225 + shipping/packing

Painting Worlds to Explore


30" x 30" x 1.4" mixed media on canvas

30″ x 30″ x 1.4″
mixed media on canvas


About a year ago I bought tons of photography gear, hoping to go into photography as well as continue with my abstract art. I sold all of that equipment because it was, quite frankly overkill for what I needed to do. I bought a very high end computer. 

Fast forward to about a week ago.. I sold my computer to …wait for it…… to buy another camera.  I know, I’m funny like that!

In short, I will be coming out with my own YouTube channel, showing my struggles, and victories behind my abstract painting process.

With a higher mega-pixel camera I’ll be able to offer prints of my work as well. I will be photographing all of my work again, at least what I have available.

So rest assured, I haven’t quit… just kind of re-gearing.

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Returning Home #1

22″ x 30″
acrylic on paper
no mat, no frame
$165 + shipping/packing
Painting Worlds to Explore

Returning Home 1

16″ x 20″ x 3/4″
mixed media on canvas
$95 free shipping to lower 48 states.

New Discoveries 7

16″ x 20″ x 3/4″
mixed media on canvas
$95 free shipping to lower 48 states.

New Discoveries 6


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